Frequent Asked Questions and Answers


Q: How much can my preorder take?
A: Once you did the payment of your product the preorder can take up to 40 days.

Q:  Can I change my products?
A:  Yes please go into www.stardogloungewear/ to easily make all the process.

Q: Is there a customer support number?
A: Yes you can contact us at +57 311 895 16 58. We are happy to help you in any questions or follow up you may have.

Q: Can I have a refund if the product is not what I expected?

A:  Yes we can process a refund if the product is not worn. You have 30 days to proceed with this process at:  www.stardogloungewear/

Q: Where are your products made?

A:  All our products are responsibly handmade in Colombia.

Q: Are Stardog fabrics sustainable?
A: Yes we have certification GOTS of all our textiles, which guaranties an organic traceable process. Hemp in the other hand is the most sustainable natural fiber in the world.   

Q. Do you have a support mail?
A: Yes we do, its

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes, we do and we have free shipping for orders over $300